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Axis ensures that your connectivity is always secure, and in-sync, with your business.

Secure the modern workplace with SSE

Stop struggling to secure business access, connect your modern workforce with a powerful Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, ensuring secure access and elegant connectivity.

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Make work from anywhere seamless and secure regardless of location, device, or network.

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Third party

Enable access for your business ecosystem without any of the risk.

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Reduce dependence on legacy appliances and create a secure, cost-effective network with cloud.

Introducing the
Atmos Platform

The full force of ZTNA, SWG, CASB, and DEM composed into one.

Full SSE Platform


Atmos by Axis is the first Connectivity-as-a-Service platform to elegantly integrate ZTNA, SWG, CASB and Digital Experience into a single, easy to use, interface.

Full SSE Platform

The power of one

Make life easier with one UI, one policy, and every SSE capability you need baked into every PoP.

Secure access to any business resource

Atmos allows you to secure access to the Internet, 10,000+ SaaS apps, and private resources for all users or headless devices.

Scale globally

Atmos has 350 edge locations (across AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle), PoPs across 5 continents, and uses smart-routing as part of its full network-as-a-service.

Data security

Protect against malware and data leakage using cloud-delivered web gateway and CASB capabilities like SSL inspection, malware scanning, and unified DLP controls.

Deliver a great user experience

Monitor the digital experience of every user to proactively ensure high productivity, and reduce mean time to remediation.

Customer stories

See why your peers trust Axis to enable simple, seamless, and secure access to business applications.

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Khaled Tawfik CISO, City of San Jose

We appreciate what Axis has done for the City so far… The scalability of the solution was one of the things that attracted us to our relationship with Axis.

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Global Banking Group Financial Services

Global Banking Group Adopts Atmos ZTNA to Secure Access for 70,000 User Workforce.

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Automotive Fortune Global 500

Leading Automotive Auction company secures access to most critical business apps with Atmos

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Scott Rheins Sr. Manager of Security & Infrastructure, Cardenas

Axis really captures the “KISS” module – Keep it simple… I can grab this new technology, get it up, get it running, and put it in the back of my mind.

James Bilotta SVP & CIO, Alnylam

With our users working remotely, we’ve been able to achieve greater speed and seamless usability while realizing the benefits of zero trust, an identity-based model, activity reporting, and a simplified management console with Axis. Our users are as thrilled as we are with the result.

Tom Parker VP of IT & CISO, Kayak

I am excited to work with Axis on defining our next generation Secure Service Edge.

Curtis Simpson CISO, Armis

This new zero trust solution from Axis enables organizations to truly monitor and manage third-party risk and is a true enabler to move users from a generally flat network to a better, more secure experience with nothing more than an Internet connection.

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Global Vacations Company Travel & Hospitality

Fortune 500 Global vacations company trusts Axis to secure access for modern workforce, and replaces VPN.

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Josh Gomez Director of IT, Parts Authority

At The Parts Authority, our mission is to embrace zero trust in a way that enables our employees to securely access the data they need to get work done. With the Atmos platform, not only do we get the control we need, but we’re able to deliver a user experience that our employees appreciate.

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Eyewear Retailer

Major U.S. Eyewear Retailer increases productivity for 700+ retail stores.

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What role does Axis play in my zero trust strategy?

Zero trust is a combination of ecosystem technologies. Axis is the enforcement checkpost that integrates with your identity provider, and enforces access policies when a user attempts to access a specific app. We adapt access based on changes in context (device posture, geo-location etc.).

Yes. One of the key Atmos ZTNA differentiators we developed was the ability to support all ports and protocols – even VOIP, ICMP, and AS400 applications. You have the ability to inspect all traffic as well, should you like to. We also developed Atmos Air, which is our agent-less capabilities. For example, SSH, RDP, Git and DB are all supported by Atmos Air. This also includes in-line controls like blocking file downloads. What this means is that our customers can remove VPN for remote access altogether. Even most VDI services as well.

Yes. In addition to our Atmos ZTNA service, the Atmos platform also includes a full in-line secure web gateway (SWG) called Atmos Web Gateway for SSL inspection, URL filtering and malware scanning. For CASB, Atmos CASB is an in-line CASB for SaaS app discovery and data leakage prevention.

Every customer is different. SASE is a combination of SSE (for secure access) and SD-WAN (for WAN optimization). About 70% of organizations who have a SASE strategy begin by first adopting a SSE service. They then make decisions on how best to solve for WAN Optimization, which often leads to a conversation around SD-WAN. Atmos’ IP Sec capabilities allows customers to integrate with and SD-WAN provider if, and when, needed. But, in general we recommend beginning with SSE, then deciding if SD-WAN is still a critical need for secure access needs.

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