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Case Study

A Global Vacations Company Protects Their Data (and Their Leisure Time) with App Access Cloud

How a global vacations company traveled away from VPNs and landed a simpler way to access private apps

Case Study

Reducing Cyber Risk with App Access Cloud

How A Global Food Distribution Company Cooked Up Better Security and a Banquet of Cost Savings

Case Study

IoT Platform Leader Armis eliminates dependency on VPN technology, Adopts Axis Zero Trust solution

How a global security platform company defied convention, strengthened security and reduced VPN infrastructure costs by 90%

Case Study

CISO Experience with Curtis Simpson

Curtis Simpson, Fortune 500 CISO, discusses how he is quickly enabling contractors and accelerating acquisitions to support fast and safe business growth.

Industry Report

Tag Cyber Security Annual - 1st Quarter 2021

Expert industry analysts list of areas in which a CISO must include focus in their enterprise security program.

Industry Report

Omdia On the Radar: Axis Security takes a different approach to zero-trust access

Axis Security takes a different approach to zero-trust access. Application Access Cloud is agentless and delivered as a service.

Industry Report

Gartner Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access

Security and risk management leaders should pilot ZTNA projects as part of a SASA strategy or to rapidly expand remote access

White Paper

Enabling Partners with Simple Private Application Access

Simplify, accelerate and secure third party application enablement and management.

Analyst Review

ESG Showcase

Axis Security: Simplifying Secure Access for the Modern Enterprise


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