The Axis Platform

The Security Service Edge (SSE) platform that makes securing access to business resources impossibly simple for IT and completely seamless for users.

Meet the Axis Platform

Intelligent by Design
350+ Public Service Edges

Digital Experience Monitoring

Behavior Analysis

Traffic Inspection


Multi-Cloud Support

Adaptive Response

Agent & Agentless Access

Zero Trust Access

Ensure least-privilege user access to specific business resources without granting excessive access to your corporate network, or exposing applications to the Internet


Analyze how users interact with your business applications to better detect anomalies, flag potential issues, and ensure networking remains aware of changes in security controls.


Avoid deploying agents on BYOD or third-party devices and the friction that comes with it. Support access to web apps, SSH, RDP and Git without a client

Continuously Adapts
& Reassesses

Use key tech integrations to automatically verify and adapt access rights based on changes in context to protect data and always ensure least-privilege access.

Making Access Simple Just
Takes the Right Platform.

How Axis Works


A user attempts to access
a business app

Secure access to major apps – even VOIP and ICMP – and support client or clientless access


Axis mediates the request

Avoid passthrough connections that can lead to risk – Axis becomes the first stop


Axis validates identity & policy

Adopt zero trust access and automatically adapt access rights based on changes in context (device posture, location etc.)


Axis securely connects to

Make private apps invisible to the Internet, keep users off the network, and deliver a safer connection to SaaS apps


Axis inspects traffic
& monitors user experience

Get visibility into user activity so you’re aware of malicious activity, and ensure user experience is always great

What Sets Axis Apart

Scale at a New Level

100% scalable cloud architecture with 350 Axis cloud edges

All in One

You shouldn’t need a separate UI for your private apps, your SaaS apps and your endpoint. Axis provides a single interface to manage access to all your apps, view activity, set up agent or agentless policies and much more

Location, Location, Location

Most services must rely on IDP vendors to provide location-based access for users. Axis allows you to use location as a parameter for access rights – right from within the UI

Secure Access to All Your Apps

Even the Problem-Child Ones

Axis is the only zero trust service that can support all ports and protocols, even VOIP (Peer-to-peer protocol) as well as RDP via agentless web browsing – in addition to your other private and SaaS applications

Simple Policies

Axis uses a logical tagging system to make defining policies simple. Integrations with key technologies automatically adapt access rights while maximizing ROI.

Axis Innovations



With over 350 global points of presence, Axis is a SaaS platform that securely connects any user to any business application or resource, wherever they are through a single, centrally-managed service.



The end user’s interface which, based on their identity and defined access policy, allows each user to see all their permitted agent or agentless applications – and easily connect to them with a click of a button.



While not required for web-apps or RDP, the Axis Client is a lightweight agent that runs on the end user’s machine. The Axis Client supports applications that require thick client access, and managed devices that require comprehensive posture checks for a more restrictive security policy. The Axis Client uniquely supports VOIP (peer-to-peer) and server-initiated (ICMP) flows.



Often deployed in pairs, the Axis Connector front-ends the customer’s private application. It provides a secure, outbound-only, and authenticated, connection between a customer’s application and the Axis cloud.

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