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Application Access Cloud

Accelerate and protect your business with access that’s faster to deploy, simpler to manage, and more secure than you ever thought possible.

Secure Access as a Service

Powered by Simplicity

Fast, Simple, Secure Access For All

Accelerate Your Business

Connect employees to resources right away through an amazingly fast and simple deployment without changing your network.

Easily Connect Users to Apps

Employees get more work done with easy-to-use secure access to apps and resources, even with BYOD.

Protect & See Everything

Continuous visibility over user behavior with zero trust policies to control access permissions down to the finest detail.

Enterprise Scale & Integrations

Global cloud service scales with demand and integrates with existing security to power adaptive policies and automate management.

Accelerate Your Business

In seconds you can empower end users (employees and 3rd parties) with easy-to-use, instant access to apps and resources. Leverage the flexibility of a cloud solution for access that can automatically scale with your enterprise. Reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on administration by taking advantage of centralized management. Improve your security stance with automated adaptive policies. Get started right now, initial deployment only takes minutes.

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Easily Connect Users to Applications

Easily connect end users, even with unmanaged or 3rd party owned devices, to any app or resource wherever they are located. Deliver secure access without endpoint agents or reconfiguring your network. Use the IDP you already have or take advantage of the Axis IDP that’s included. Enable user access with centralized presets or allow users to enable themselves through federated self service. Access is both easier and more secure with brokered connections, centralized controls, and adaptive policies.

See Everything, Protect Resources,
Prevent Compromise

Monitor and log user behavior continuously – view, open, upload, etc.

Limit user access or actions such as copy/paste or download based on user and device context

Integrate with your SIEM or SOAR for visibility that aids incident response

Disarm attacks by eliminating malformed requests before they touch your apps

Eliminate network privileges and exposure by brokering access at the application layer

Our Solutions

Solve even your most challenging use cases easily with our Application Access Cloud, the industry’s most comprehensive zero trust network access (ZTNA) service.

Secure Partner Access for 3rd Parties

Extend application access to partners, contractors, vendors, and more.

Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions

The easy, low-risk way to extend secure application access to users across separate organizations without IT exposure or consolidation.

Migrate to

Migrate and protect critical applications and digital assets from on-prem to the cloud while maintaining business continuity.

Enable Remote

The fast and simple way to deliver secure application access to employees anywhere they work.

Start Simplifying Your App Access