Atmos Experience

Deliver a graceful user experience with app, device and network performance monitoring.

Harmony leads to user

Monitor device health, get hop-by-hop visibility to determine latency issues like local ISP outages, and proactively alert employees when applications go down. Atmos Experience helps IT deliver the elegant experience employees expect, while providing the visibility IT needs in order to create a productive work environment for employees.

Atmos Experience

Atmos Experience is a cloud-delivered digital experience monitoring solution that artfully integrated as part of the Atmos platform. With Atmos Experience network, security and helpdesk teams remain in tune with end user device issueslike spikes in CPU use, network outages from local ISPs, and application performance challenges.

Dynamic monitoring

Shine a spotlight on performance dips and identify users, departments or geo-locations that have performance issues

Endpoint telemetry

Remains in sync with Atmos Agent to provide detailed insights into endpoint metrics like CPU usage, resource consumption, memory usage, and Wifi signal

Unified Application
Health Monitoring

Works in sync with Atmos ZTNA and Atmos Web Gateway to continuously monitor private, SaaS, and UCaaS apps

Hop-by-hop network path metrics

Gain visibility into every internet and network hop between a remote user and business application

Transcend experience issues.
Gain peace of mind.

IT can be the end-users new best friend. Since the Atmos security service edge (SSE) platform provides experience monitoring, on top of securing access to business applications, you can easily deliver the experience user want, with the security business needs.

More visibility

For the first time, get a holistic look at performance across all your user devices, business apps, and network paths – even as employees work remotely

Less downtime

Take proactive approach to experience to Increase reactivity speed when incidents that risk frustrating users, or preventing work, arise

Easy to use

A single UI for user experience across any device, or private, SaaS and UCaaS apps helps simplify management of, and remove the need, for multiple point products

Curtis Simpson

“Safely Delivering Simple, Secure and Managed 3rd Party Access”

ESG Analyst John Grady & Axis CTO Gil Azrielant

48% of organizations regard securing user access to enterprise applications as more difficult than just 2 years ago ”

Scott Rheins

“Axis security really captured the ‘kis’ module – keep it simple…I can grab this new technology, get it up, get it running and put it in the back of my mind”

Joshua Danielson, Chief Information Security Officer, Copart

What we like about Axis is that it’s easy to use zero trust policies to provide thousands of users with secure connectivity to resources, give security teams the visibility needed, and ensure that we can easily scale to support our modern workplace. Now, even as we embrace the cloud, we can still ensure our data is always accessed safely.

Work in harmony with safer access to the Internet

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