Industry Report

2023 Security Service Edge (SSE) Adoption Report

65% of organizations plan to adopt an SSE platform within the next 24 months. Unlock full results in the 2023 SSE Adoption Report

Key report findings include: 


67% of organizations plan to start their SASE strategy with a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform rather than WAN Edge Services. 

65% of businesses will adopt a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform within the next 24 months. 

47% plan to begin SSE implementation with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) deployment. 

48% say their primary SSE use case is securing access for their remote and hybrid employees. 


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Your opportunity to secure the modern workplace awaits

Enable universal
access to resources

Allow work from anywhere, on any device and over any network.

Enhance user

Ensure users have the best experience possible and avoid IT support tickets.

Save time
& lower costs

Use a cloud-delivered platform to avoid expensive firewalls and MPLS.

Protect data from
cyber security threats

Employ least-privileged access to resources without network access to prevent attacks.


We believe that the sooner IT adopts zero trust, the sooner we can witness a world where the exchange of information is always fast, seamless and secure.

Traffic Inspection

Identity-Based Access

Activity Logging

Behavior Analysis

Multi-Cloud Support

Clientless Support

Adaptive Response

Innovation for differentiation



With over 350 global points of presence running on the backbone of AWS, GCP and Oracle, the Atmos cloud and security securely connects any authorized users to any business application, based on simple to create policies.



The end user’s interface which, based on their identity and defined access policy, allows each user to see all their permitted agent or agentless applications – and easily connect to them with a click of a button.


Policy Tags

The Atmos logical tagging system helps IT admins define policies in minutes. Policies can reference groups of apps, or individual apps – making policy setting simple.



The Atmos Agent is a lightweight agent that runs on the end-users machine. The Agent performs device posture analysis, encrypts traffic, and then automatically forwards traffic to the Atmos Cloud. Atmos Agent continuously adapts access rights based on changes in context, and supports applications that require thick client access. The Atmos Agent can even support VOIP (peer-to-peer) and server-initiated (icmp) flows. For web-based applications, Atmos Agent is not required.



Often deployed in pairs, the Atmos Connector front-ends the customer’s private application. It provides a secure, outbound-only, and authenticated, connection between a customer’s application and the Atmos Cloud.

Oct 8, 2021

Agentless and seamless brokered app access with powerful UBA capabilities; fast, easy, A+

“Being an agentless offering that supports on-premises and cloud-based used cases, the solution has been incredibly easy to implement and in turn, has allowed us to realize value against our key use cases immediatly.”

Sep 2, 2021

Amazing zero trust network that is helping us grow!

“Axis delivered a zero trust network with simple integration and cost-effective deployment that improved our security while reducing our development costs.”

Oct 8, 2021

Axis Security Makes Zero Trust Remote Access Easy

“Axis Security was incredibly easy to deploy and provided much needed secure access to corparate systems. the solution itself is powerful, scalable and reliable.”

Sep 2, 2021

Axis Security provides ability to easily deploy Legacy Apps

“The Axis Security appliance was quick and easy to get up and running. Publishing our first application through Axis Security was equally as easy. Axis gives us the ability to be more nimble with publishing web applications. What used to take days now only takes hours.”

Oct 20, 2021

Easy to use zero trust solution

“Axis is extremely user friendly and the user prefer to use it over traditional VPN. the ability to use Axis over multiple platforms e.g. iPads… is an added benefits that goes to increased user adoption.”

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