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Remove the Zero Trust onboard headache with this new domain discovery tool

In this new world of hybrid work where users, data, and applications are everywhere, there has been an increased reliance on web-based applications and for good reason. Web apps allow greater accessibility, flexibility, and scalability of resources for users requiring access from anywhere.

While web applications are great, IT teams oftentimes encounter onboarding issues, specifically around discovering unidentified domains, and easily defining new policies for those discovered resources.

One example of this is the application Jira that uses more than 3 additional domains in order to operate, all happening behind the scenes without the users or IT teams knowing. Administrators must be able to identify these additional domains and approve the additions as the same application.

Sadly, this is easier said than done. Administrators must manually discover and add domains, checking multiple log sources, and troubleshooting until the application works, which tends to be a very difficult and time-consuming process. Adding these discovered domains to existing application profiles only adds to the operational headache.

Lucky for admins, Axis has created the Atmos Additional Domain Discovery tool, released in our recent Atmos 2022 Summer Release. The tool, dubbed “ADD” (ironically), simplifies and accelerates domain discovery down from hours, to just seconds. The tool is designed to remove as much pain as possible for administrators when configuring and onboarding new web applications by automatically discovering all associated domains that sit behind an application.

As you can see in the example below, a simple visit to can return over 300 hidden background domains. Discovering and adding these domains manually would take time and effort from team members that could be utilised more effectively elsewhere.

With Axis, when you want to add a new application you simply toggle on the ADD tool to discovery mode, use the application you want to add, and the tool will automatically monitor everything that’s accessed in the background. It will present you with a clear and simple way to add the necessary domains to the application’s policy (shown below) without having to go through an extensive logging session.

This tool is generally available for all customers. For more information feel free to reach out to schedule a short demo to see it for yourself!

About the Author

Jaye Tillson
Jaye Tillson

Director of Strategy

Jaye Tillson is a Director of Strategy at Axis Security and has 20+ years of experience implementing strategic global technology programs, helping organizations achieve digital transformation, and guiding businesses through their zero trust journey. Jaye is passionate about working with large enterprises on their strategic journey towards zero trust where he can bring forth real world experience on issues and problems.

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