Harmonizing access just got easier

The modern workplace is here to stay. This orchestra of users, devices, and apps requires IT teams to provide access to resources in a way that delivers an elegant user experience, paired with strong security practices. This summer we’ve released some of the hottest SSE innovations to help IT harmonize secure access.

Visibility like never before

Atmos Additional
Domain Discovery Tool

To accelerate the app onboarding process, we developed the Atmos Additional Domain Discovery tool. This automatically uncovers domains related to an app, and allows IT to easily add domains to an existing app, or block access - in just seconds.

Additional Domain Discovery Tool

Making the internet safe
for work is effortless

Adaptive trust delivered by
an elegant cybersecurity mesh

Avoid overprivileged access through automatic session termination the moment identity settings change

Make IDP management simple by enforcing password resets for end-users

Use API integrations with identity services to receive proactive alerts when it’s time to renew the IDP certificate.

An agent that's always
in tune with your needs

Flexibility for IT

The Atmos Agent not only supports a wide range of desktop and mobile operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), but now boasts additional device posture capabilities like the ability to support pincode and biometrics.

Atmos Device Posture

Seamless access for users

A captive portal can affect the experience of users working at coffee shops, hotels, or airports. The Atmos Agent has the intelligence to recognize a captive portal and pause and resume its work automatically, creating a truly seamless user experience.

The only connector
that sings to you