Secure work from anywhere, without the pitfalls of VPN

Fully replace VPN with a modern access solution that combines the security IT needs, with the experience users want

VPN breaks in a mobile world

For the past 30 years VPNs have been the primary technology for connecting remote employees and third-parties to network resources.

However, with the growth of remote and hybrid work, IT teams have had to rethink secure remote access beyond the use of VPN. VPNs creates a slow experience by backhauling user traffic through their datacenter and hybrid cloud environments, forces users to constantly reconnect for every network change, and are actively targeted by cybercriminals. There are currently 550 known CVEs specifically exploiting VPNs. VPNs are also constrained by capacity limits and require bigger boxes to scale.

Networking and security must look to adopt zero trust network access (ZTNA) solutions.

VPNs offer the worst of both worlds
Poor experience with poor security

93% of organizations say they use a VPN service

94% are aware that cybercriminals are targeting VPNs to gain access to network resources

72% are concerned that VPN will jeopardize their environments security

67% are considering a remote access alternative to traditional VPN

The modern workplace requires
modern remote access

Remote and hybrid users want fast, reliable access to business applications that VPN simply can’t provide. Drive the business forward by keeping your modern workforce productive, while ensuring your business operates safely through zero trust. As many turn to adopt zero trust connectivity, solution platforms like Security Service Edge (SSE) become the foundation that enables flexible, scalable, and secure zero trust access.

Enable universal
access to resources

Allow work from anywhere, on any device and over any network

Enhance user

Ensure users have the best experience possible and avoid IT support tickets

Save time
& lower costs

Use a cloud-delivered platform to avoid expensive firewalls and MPLS

Protect data
from cyberthreats

Employ least-privileged access to resources without network access to prevent attacks

Full VPN replacement
with Atmos

The Atmos security service edge platform is designed to provide fast, secure remote access to business applications without the pitfalls of VPN. Easily scale access to any user, from any device, without increasing business risk.

Granular policy-based access: Device Posture Checks (firewall, disk encryption etc.). and conditions (destination, time of day, location, and IP address range)

Supports all private apps, including web, thick-client, VOIP and ICMP

Continuous authentication throughout the session by remaining in path

Isolates the network to restricts access to individual applications

Isolates application to ensure apps are never exposed to the internet

Traffic inspection (optional) tracks user activity and provides detailed views of network and app behavior (URL history, files downloads, SSH commands etc.)

Curtis Simpson

“Safely Delivering Simple, Secure and Managed 3rd Party Access”

ESG Analyst John Grady & Axis CTO Gil Azrielant

48% of organizations regard securing user access to enterprise applications as more difficult than just 2 years ago ”

Scott Rheins

“Axis security really captured the ‘kis’ module – keep it simple…I can grab this new technology, get it up, get it running and put it in the back of my mind”

Joshua Danielson, Chief Information Security Officer, Copart

What we like about Axis is that it’s easy to use zero trust policies to provide thousands of users with secure connectivity to resources, give security teams the visibility needed, and ensure that we can easily scale to support our modern workplace. Now, even as we embrace the cloud, we can still ensure our data is always accessed safely.