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Sophisticated Technology
Simple Access

Discover the advanced technology that makes secure application access amazingly simple.

Application Access Today
is Broken

Today’s work doesn’t just happen inside the office – it’s all over the world. But giving access to the business applications we need to get work done is still an awful nightmare. We’re forced to tunnel each user through our network using VPNs and proxies that are painfully hard to set up, frustrating to use, and break constantly. And by letting users inside our network, we’re exposing a highly sensitive attack surface in the process. There must be a simpler way to give secure app access. Now there is.

Application Access Reimagined
From the Ground Up

With Application Access Cloud, private application access is finally simple. Users connect directly to apps via one central hub, without touching your network or the apps themselves. No more VPN tunnels or agents. No lengthy deployments or complex configurations. No network attack surface to worry about. Just safer, simpler app access for all your users.

Completely Isolated From Your Network

Mediates access between users and applications without granting excessive access to your network or the applications themselves.

Driven By User Behavior Intelligence

Analyzes how users interact with your applications to detect anomalies and flag potential problems.

Secure Through Continuous Authorization

Uses a zero-trust approach to constantly verify and change permissions, ensuring users only have access to what they need.

Continuous Authorization

Context Enrichments

Collects and analyzes data on a wide range of parameters to give full context for each access instance.

Protocol Validation

Analyzes security protocols, automatically deconstructing and reconstructing app requests when necessary to ensure every connection is safe.

Adaptive Authentication

Constantly monitors behavioral data, deciding and reevaluating in real-time which permissions to grant each user — from the app level all the way down to specific actions.

Start Simplifying Your App Access