Atmos. All of Your Secure Access Needs in One SSE Platform

Your team’s favorite security service edge (SSE) platform.

Designed to make access simple.

Short for “Atmosphere,” Atmos is the first SSE platform to elegantly integrate ZTNA, SWG, CASB and Digital Experience into a single, easy to use, interface.

Atmos ZTNA

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Atmos SWG

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Atmos CASB

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Atmos Experience

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What’s core, plus more.

Atmos ZTNA

Zero trust access to private apps

Atmos “Air”

Agentless access for BYOD and third-parties

Atmos Private Inspect

View user activity and block malicious activity

Atmos Server

Ensure servers safely communicate with other servers

Atmos Web Gateway

Zero trust access to Internet & SaaS

Atmos Cloud DLP

Protect sensitive data from leaking out to the Internet

Atmos CASB

Protect data, meet compliance needs, and discover Shadow IT SaaS apps

Atmos Advanced DLP

Use AI to receive alerts, auto-detect, and classify data

Atmos Dashboard

Manage all users, apps, servers and devices from a single pane of glass

Atmos Discovery

Shine light on unsanctioned private apps and reduce the attack surface

Atmos Experience

Monitor performance of devices, apps, and networks for the best experience

Atmos Insights

Visibility into each user’s activities, detect, view, and respond faster

Elegant workflow.


A user attempts to access
a business app

Secure access to major apps – even VOIP and ICMP – and support client or clientless access


Atmos mediates the request

Avoid passthrough connections that can lead to risk – Axis becomes the first stop


Atmos validates identity & policy

Adopt zero trust access and automatically adapt access rights based on changes in context (device posture, location etc.)


Atmos securely connects to

Make private apps invisible to the Internet, keep users off the network, and deliver a safer connection to SaaS apps


Atmos inspects traffic
& monitors user experience

Get visibility into user activity so you’re aware of malicious activity, and ensure user experience is always great

Ascend to Atmos

Multi-cloud backbone for scale

100% cloud-delivered with over 500 Edge Locations running on AWS, Google and Azure.  This ensures less latency, more redundancy and faster disaster recovery than any other SSE platform.

One interface, one policy

Unmatched visibility

Atmos inspects all traffic to provide visibility into user access across both internal and external apps so IT can prevent data leakage.

No app left behind

Atmos is the only service that supports all ports and protocols, even VOIP, ICMP, AS400 apps, and RDP, SSH, Git and DG via agentless web browsing – plus common SaaS apps and Internet protocols.

Auto-adaptive trust

Integrations with identity and endpoint security solutions enable context sharing across cloud services. If changes in identity or device health are detected, the Atmos access policies automatically adapt.

Innovation for differentiation



With over 350 global points of presence running on the backbone of AWS, GCP and Oracle, the Atmos cloud securely connects any authorized users to any business application, based on simple to create policies.



The end user’s interface which, based on their identity and defined access policy, allows each user to see all their permitted agent or agentless applications – and easily connect to them with a click of a button.


Policy Tags

The Atmos logical tagging system helps IT admins define policies in minutes. Policies can reference groups of apps, or individual apps – making policy setting simple.



The Atmos Agent is a lightweight agent that runs on the end-users machine. The Agent performs device posture analysis, encrypts traffic, and then automatically forwards traffic to the Atmos Cloud. Atmos Agent continuously adapts access rights based on changes in context, and supports applications that require thick client access. The Atmos Agent can even support VOIP (peer-to-peer) and server-initiated (icmp) flows. For web-based applications, Atmos Agent is not required.



Often deployed in pairs, the Atmos Connector front-ends the customer’s private application. It provides a secure, outbound-only, and authenticated, connection between a customer’s application and the Atmos Cloud.

Confidence through compliance

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