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Axis Security Takes Secure Remote Access to Next Level with New Capabilities, Integrations with Leading SIEM, Identity and Endpoint Solutions

Continuous adaptive secure application access technology–used to connect remote users–gets a boost from enhancements to Axis Application Access Cloud and integrations with Splunk, Okta and CrowdStrike 

SAN MATEO, California – Axis Security, the leader in Zero Trust Access, is strengthening its continuous adaptive secure application access technology with new policy controls based on device security posture and dynamic directory integration, disarm and reconstruct capabilities, and application layer visibility for incident response investigations. These enhancements ensure organizations can deliver zero trust access to third-party supply chain partners, contractors and employees.

The company also is expanding these capabilities through integrations with leading security information and event management (SIEM), identity management and endpoint security vendors Splunk, Okta and CrowdStrike to provide organizations with an integrated fabric for securing access to applications via its Application Access Cloud platform.

In related news, Axis Security today also announced it received an additional $32 million in Series B Funding to accelerate growth and meet enterprise demand for Work from Anywhere solutions.

The latest features and new integrations strengthen the end-to-end security of the Axis Application Access Cloud to uniquely ensure granular least privilege access permissions, stronger application protection, and a unique level of visibility into user access and use of corporate applications for incident response and forensic investigations that is unmatched among Zero Trust Network Access vendors.

“Axis is focused on delivering a better, more secure approach to application access at a time when it is badly needed,” said Dor Knafo, founder and CEO of Axis Security. “Our application approach solves multiple problems not addressed by existing access solutions, such as VPNs, that operate at the network layer. Because our access service operates at the application layer, we offer a unique level of adaptive control, granular visibility and continuous security and we are able to automate and extend those capabilities by integrating with the endpoint, identity, and SIEM solutions that our customers use each and every day.”

One customer utilizing the Axis  Application Access Cloud is Armis, a leading IoT security platform that has virtually replaced its VPN in favor of the Zero Trust (ZT) solution that Axis delivers and is achieving a nearly 90 percent reduction in costs while strengthening its security.

“Axis Security enables digital transformation through a new, more secure approach to application access,” said Curtis Simpson, chief information security officer for Armis. “The powerful cloud platform acts as a secure broker, allowing us to reduce risk, streamline business operations, reduce costs associated with legacy VPN infrastructure, while at the same time improving productivity of employees and third parties.”

Adaptive application access guided by device posture and directory integration

Axis policies now can limit user access permissions at the  application-level through device security checks and directory integration. For example, if a trusted user tries to connect to an application via an untrusted device, access can be restricted to read only without the ability to download or upload, or to print from the device.

The device security checking capability enables an API integration with CrowdStrike that allows  organizations to automatically enforce adaptive zero trust access based on CrowdStrike management of an endpoint. New automated directory provisioning, delivered through the Okta integration, allows for adaptive policy control over access based on the latest directory data.

Continuous monitoring to protect applications and internal resources

Unlike competing technologies and offerings, Axis brokers user traffic to continuously protect internal resources from malicious attacks that compromise applications and infiltrate resources through its new application request disarm and reconstruct capabilities. As a result, all malformed user application layer requests, such as abnormal start, view, delete and edit requests, are eliminated while ensuring only well-formed requests reach an application.

Intelligence on application use and automation speeds investigations and incident response

Axis’ new  automation capabilities via integration with leading SIEM platforms can speed up incident response and forensic investigations. A new Axis Security app is now available in the Splunk marketplace. This extensive telemetry provides security operations and forensics teams uniquely valuable information at the application level to help more quickly identify the root cause of a breach.

Axis Application Access Cloud

Axis Security’s Application Access Cloud delivers a cloud-native platform that enables enterprises to uniquely deliver secure, tightly managed private application access to anyone, anywhere, on any device in minutes, without network changes or client software. The Axis Security cloud-native platform enforces continuous, adaptive security control at the application layer over access to sensitive corporate resources. Its application isolation technology keeps users separate from the network, and the application, greatly reducing the threat surface and eliminating the possibility of a potentially hostile user from gaining access to other network systems.

“Axis agentless approach makes it easy to deploy, but the real power of their solution comes from the continuous security monitoring of every user and every request,” said Ed Amoroso, founder of TAG Cyber. “They are providing a level of insight and analytics on user behavior and activity that’s not available in traditional access solutions.”

About Axis Security

Axis Security’s Application Access Cloud™ is a purpose-built cloud-based solution that makes application access amazingly simple. Built on a zero-trust approach, the solution offers a new agentless model that delivers the easiest and safest way to connect users anywhere on any device, to Enterprise apps, without ever touching the network or the apps themselves. Axis Security is a privately-held company backed by Canaan Partners, Ten Eleven Ventures and Cyberstarts. It is headquartered in San Mateo, California with research and development in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Janet Brumfield
Guyer Group for Axis Security

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