Network Transformation Solutions to Support The Digital Workplace

Improve reliability, availability, and scale by replacing legacy gateways, with security service edge (SSE).

The network is less relevant in a mobile world.

Today’s workplace is about connecting users from anywhere, from any device to apps that now run in hybrid cloud environments. IT does not control the networks their employees are now working on. So how can they do network security? They can’t. 

SSE platforms ensure that IT can quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively connect users to the resources that matter most.

Legacy gateways are a mismatch for the modern workplace.

IT must optimize for both legacy and cloud-delivered applications

Needs to deliver fast access in just minutes vs days or weeks or months

A focus on simplifying management while gaining insights into user experience and security

The flexibility to support work from the office, home, and hybrid work environments is critical

The Internet is the
new corporate network

Supporting a new digital workplace means implementing cloud-delivered access tools that leverage the speed and scale of the Internet.

Scale with cloud

Scale with cloud

Transform your networking environment from hardware appliances to cloud delivered services

Simple to manage

Reduce the complexity and pain of administration and simplify management with a single pane of glass

Universal access

Universal access

Use cloud to deliver fast, secure application access no matter where users work, or where apps are running

Transform your network to
deliver the best results for
your business

With Atmos, you’ll invest in a cloud-delivered solution designed to deliver fast, scalable, secure access to business resources.  You’ll reduce operational overhead, reduce spend on appliances, and boost the number of points of presence your users connect through.

Support both legacy and cloud applications – with no change to your existing environment

100% cloud-delivered eliminates cost and complexity of traditional hardware appliances

Gain unmatched visibility into user experience, network performance and user activity

Configure and update access rights in just minutes – with a single UI

Provide fast, seamless access to all authorized users

Curtis Simpson

“Safely Delivering Simple, Secure and Managed 3rd Party Access”

ESG Analyst John Grady & Axis CTO Gil Azrielant

48% of organizations regard securing user access to enterprise applications as more difficult than just 2 years ago ”

Scott Rheins

“Axis security really captured the ‘kis’ module – keep it simple…I can grab this new technology, get it up, get it running and put it in the back of my mind”

Joshua Danielson, Chief Information Security Officer, Copart

What we like about Axis is that it’s easy to use zero trust policies to provide thousands of users with secure connectivity to resources, give security teams the visibility needed, and ensure that we can easily scale to support our modern workplace. Now, even as we embrace the cloud, we can still ensure our data is always accessed safely.