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Defending yourselves from cybersecurity ghosts, vampires, and zombies

It’s very likely that as a kid you would have dressed up as something scary for Halloween and walked around your neighborhood filling buckets with sweets. I couldn’t wait for Halloween. Even as I got older, I would look after my younger cousins (stealing some of their sweets in the process), or meet up with friends to watch scary movies, or attend fancy-dress parties! I bet most of you even do that today.

So, I bet you are thinking, come on Jaye what does Halloween have to do with cybersecurity? Well, for me working in cybersecurity can be as thrilling as some of those Halloween nights and just as scary at times. Even as unsettling as I still find watching scary movies now. I am constantly on the edge of my seat, I need to have eyes everywhere and I am aware that an attack can come at any time. To me, the threats we face in the hybrid world we live in today are just like being in one of those scary movies I love watching so much. 

Just like the horror movies I used to watch, here are real-life cybersecurity threats that keep me up at night!

An Insider Threat is just like a ghost in your house. You may hear noises, and you may know something is there, but you may not be able to see it! It’s frightening. It may be lurking around any corner. You don’t know if it’s a friend or a foe. You don’t know if this is a malicious attack on you or something normal.

A Ransomware attack is like being attacked by a vampire. As soon as it gets close to you it’s going to grab hold, bite you, and suck out all of your blood (data). Your blood is what keeps you (the business) alive. Without it, you will most certainly be left for dead.

A DDoS attack is like a plague of zombies pounding against your outer perimeter fence and it’s this fence that protects you (the firewall) from attack. The horde of zombies is so big and so loud that it will stop people from being able to get access to key resources that they need to keep them alive. 

So, how do we protect ourselves against these scary monsters in today’s hybrid world? How do we make it easier for us to sleep at night? To not wake up having cold sweats? Here are some things you can do to fight back against these monsters with a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform.

With Insider Threat you can’t fight what you can’t see and you’re not going to be able to call the Ghostbusters. So what will help? You need visibility. You need to see who is accessing what. Where they are going and what they are doing. Enhanced visibility with SSE is truly the key for your IT and Security teams helping ward off the ghosts.

For Ransomware attacks, you are going to need to protect your throat! You don’t want to get bitten! You need to stop those vampires from getting close enough to bite you! You need to stop that lateral movement. If these Ransomware vampires get too close then you need to make sure you have a mechanism in place to stop them from taking your blood (data). Granular access control with SSE can help keep your life source (critical data) from being taken and minimize impact of attack.

For a DDOS attack, you want to hide from that plague of zombies. You want to remove that attack surface. You want to be able to exit your perimeter to search for food and resources but without any doors being visible from outside. After all, zombies can’t attack what they can’t see. Make your network invisible with SSE by never exposing IPs, ever.

If you want to know more about how you can face these scary monsters with a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, and if the ghostbusters don’t answer your call, then please feel free to reach out and have a Coffee with Jaye

About the Author

Jaye Tillson
Jaye Tillson

Director of Strategy

Jaye Tillson is a Director of Strategy at Axis Security and has 20+ years of experience implementing strategic global technology programs, helping organizations achieve digital transformation, and guiding businesses through their zero trust journey. Jaye is passionate about working with large enterprises on their strategic journey towards zero trust where he can bring forth real world experience on issues and problems.

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