Keep contractors productive and
business resources secure

Enable least-privileged contractor access by removing the risk network access

The risk introduced
by contractors is real

The average employment tenure for contract employees is just 10.1 weeks. While this is a short amount of time to get users on-boarded, ramped-up, and productive, it’s more than long enough time for your network to be exposed.

Because remote access solutions, like VPN and VDI, give external users full network access, these over privileged users become a high risk to the enterprise. This is largely due to the fact that they are often granted the same level of trust as your internal employees, when in most cases all they require is access to a few key applications.

IT must optimize the time and productivity of contractors while protecting business data.

The reality is that
access is overextended to contractors

51% of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third-party

74% say that a security breach was caused by over-privileged access to third parties

63% of organizations don’t know the level of access and permissions of internal and external users

59% of respondents say there is no centralized access control over third-parties

Eliminate over privileged access
calls for zero trust

Your contract users only need access to specific applications, so keep them off the corporate network altogether. In order to keep your network and business free of risk, connectivity must be segmented, simple, controlled, and powered by zero trust.

Enforce least-privileged

not with complex network segmentation, but granular app segmentation based on policy

Leverage agentless capabilities

give access flexibility without compromising security.

Regain IT control

and enhance visibility into all contractor activity

Secure contractor access
with Atmos

The Atmos security service edge platform is designed to enable least-privileged access from contract users to business applications – without extending network access to the user.

100% cloud-delivered architecture with 350 edge locations for on-demand scale, reduced budget, and no firewalls

Employs least-privileged access to reduce risk of security events – all without placing contractors on the corporate network

Protect business data further through full inline inspection, true app-level segmentation, with no need to expose apps or network access

Support for agentless access and the ability to simplify partner lifecycle management through integrations like SCIM

Attain deeper visibility into partner activity and insights into access experience

Curtis Simpson

“Safely Delivering Simple, Secure and Managed 3rd Party Access”

ESG Analyst John Grady & Axis CTO Gil Azrielant

48% of organizations regard securing user access to enterprise applications as more difficult than just 2 years ago ”

Scott Rheins

“Axis security really captured the ‘kis’ module – keep it simple…I can grab this new technology, get it up, get it running and put it in the back of my mind”

Joshua Danielson, Chief Information Security Officer, Copart

What we like about Axis is that it’s easy to use zero trust policies to provide thousands of users with secure connectivity to resources, give security teams the visibility needed, and ensure that we can easily scale to support our modern workplace. Now, even as we embrace the cloud, we can still ensure our data is always accessed safely.