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Meet The Forum That Will Explore The Value of Security Service Edge (SSE) For The Modern Workplace

Two words will reshape the industry over the next several years. Modern workplace. This term means many things to different audiences. To some this is an emphasis on using platforms like Microsoft Teams, or Zoom for collaboration at work. To others this is around securely connecting employees to private applications, and across hybrid work environments, or even ensuring their business ecosystem has access to data. Some just think about it from a modernizing infrastructure perspective (more cloud, less appliances).

In any case, enabling a modern workplace means rethinking connectivity. 

The amount of data has grown by 100% over the last two years alone. And, due to mobility, and to cloud adoption, networks are no longer controlled by IT. They are controlled by the SaaS vendor, or the IaaS platform. Or, in the case of home networks, the employees themselves. While the notion of “network security” is becoming obsolete, the Internet is quickly becoming the new corporate network. The question now becomes “How do you securely connect people, apps, and clouds to business resources, and, over the Internet?”

This has led to the creation of a new product category that Gartner calls Security Service Edge. These integrated, cloud-delivered, security services broker secure connections between authorized users and business resources by using identity and policy. This allows employees to work from anywhere, third-parties to safely access data, and infrastructure to be modernized.

With any new technology comes a host of new questions. SSE is no different. The industry is chock-full of questions like what criteria to look for with SSE, where to begin, what the best practices are for adopting SSE, what are the gotchas, and how to communicate the need for SSE to the business…you get the point.

Introducing the Security Service Edge Forum

In an effort to guide companies, and equip them with the answers they need so that they can effectively transform their businesses, we teamed up with a host of IT leaders to create the Security Services Edge Forum. The Forum’s mission is to explore the value of the security service edge for the modern era of work. IT leaders like Mustapha Kebbeh (CISO at Brinks Security), Tom Parker (CISO at Kayak), Matt McCormack (CISO at GlaxoSmithKline), Diego Souza (CISO at Cummins), and several others will work together to help design the best practices for their peers to follow. In doing so they will inspire other IT leaders to think beyond traditional access solutions, and to embrace modern access services that solve today’s business challenges.

2022 will be the year of SSE, and, according to Gartner, “By 2024, 30% of enterprises will adopt cloud-delivered SWG, CASB, ZTNA and branch office firewall as a service (FWaaS) capabilities from the same vendor.” Because of this we feel it’s our responsibility to help ensure that IT leaders can not only make informed decisions when selecting SSE vendors, but that they can play an active role in its development as well.

After all, the best services are those that are built FOR their customers, WITH their customers.

About the Author

Christopher Hines
Christopher Hines

VP of Strategy

Chris is responsible for the go to market strategy for the company’s cloud-based zero trust application access platform. He works with customers to help guide them on their path to securing a modern workplace with zero trust. Prior to Axis, he spent four years at Zscaler working as Director of Product Marketing for Zscaler’s zero trust solution, Zscaler Private Access. Chris has previously worked at Unicorn container company Docker, CASB company Bitglass, and Data Storage company EM Corporation (now Dell).

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