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Simple, Secure, Scalable: The Best Alternative to VPN for Enterprises | Axis Security

Why Zero Trust is a safer choice than VPNs

At a time when apps are the beating heart of an organization, security breaches have become more prevalent and damaging than ever. That’s why more enterprises are transitioning to Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA) over VPNs.

Key Differences Between VPNs and ZTAA

VPNs are outdated

Are there any other technologies in your stack, network, or device that are 25 years old? Probably just your VPN. The way most companies do remote access appears to be the only thing that hasn’t evolved.

In the last ten years alone — since the introduction of the iPad — more and more employees have accessed work-related applications using their own devices. Users now want their security to be as user-friendly and reliable as their new devices. Add in the migration to (and added complexity of) the cloud, and you can see why the geo-centric VPN has become outdated.

Today’s security requirements call for a higher level of reliability than VPNs can offer. A virtual private network isn’t even that “private“ by today’s standards. In fact, it opens up a network and its applications to all sorts of threats, internal and external. This is why modern organizations should be looking for VPN alternatives more than ever before.

ZTAA: Faster, easier, more secure

Zero Trust Application Access, on the other hand, is the modern VPN replacement. It offers a data security approach that focuses on zero trust of any users inside or outside of an organization, enabling users anywhere while protecting applications.

Today’s businesses run on people, apps and policy. As such, they must fulfil their users’ and employees’ need to access the internet, private networks, and the cloud. Such complexity requires Zero Trust Application Access to safely provide this critical connectivity.

The fastest and most secure way to a true zero trust posture, ZTAA leverages that connectivity to simplify and secure application access. All without the complexities or risks of configuring and securing the underlying network.

The App Access Cloud: The VPN Alternative of Choice

Using ZTAA, Axis Security’s App Access Cloud covers applications in a Zero Trust “blanket” that isolates them from threats while providing trusted, continuously monitored access to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Axis Security’s App Access Cloud has a significant advantage over other Zero Trust solutions: It brokers the connection between users and apps to ensure that users never actually touch the network or the apps themselves.

Unlike VPNs, the App Access Cloud is cloud-centric, functioning entirely on the Internet. This quickly provides partners or 3rd parties with access, without any network changes or hardware installations – making it the ideal VPN replacement. Request a free demo today!

Start Simplifying Your App Access