Say Buh-bye to VDISimplify & Secure Your Enterprise

  • No Expensive Network Gateways
  • No Extensive Infrastructure
  • No Complex Access Controls
Enable zero trust access for all apps in minutes.
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Transform Your IT Organization

Eliminate the Madness of Complex VDI Solutions

“Axis Security gave Armis the ability to face a challenge that might have brought other companies to their knees. Instead Axis delivered a rare opportunity to streamline business operations, reduce cost, improve productivity and deliver on digital transformation.”

Curtis Simpson, Armis (CISO)

A Secure Access Solution That is Uniquely Different

“When it comes to application access for third parties, maintaining a Zero Trust posture and having the ability to do continuous security monitoring of every user, request and action is what separates the Axis Application Access Cloud from legacy VPN solutions.”

Prabash Coswatte, CIO of leading supermarket chain Cardenas Markets

Axis Security

The Axis vision for the future of secure access is to enable zero trust access for all users to all business applications and resources with one easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy, centrally managed solution that drastically reduces complexity and improves overall security for the organization.

Complete Zero Trust App Access

Secure Access in Minutes Isolate & Protect Your Apps Say buh-bye to VDI

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