Your business is made up of much more than just employees. There could be thousands of third-parties that interact with the business each day. These suppliers, auditors, OT vendors, and even B2B customers play a vital role in your business ecosystem. So, making it safe for partners to access your data is critical. What many IT leaders don’t know, is that with the right mindset, and secure access platform, they can make it easy to securely connect this ecosystem. They don’t have to deploy an agent on the partner’s device, nor do they need to place them on the corporate network. Instead, IT can minimize over-privileged access, and even gain valuable insights into what partners are interacting with. At Axis, they believe in a world in which workplace connectivity is always secure and seamless. Through their security services edge platform we make securing access to business resources impossibly simple. By doing so, their customers are able to make hybrid work simple, turn digital experience into a competitive advantage, and can better protect their data from cyber threats – even as it moves to cloud.