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Employees Need Access Now

But VPNs are NOT the Answer

Forced home, employees need easy access to critical applications and resources, wherever they are, to keep the business going, right now. VPNs can’t meet the moment. Their hardware won’t scale to instantly support all employees. They are complex to deploy and fragile to maintain. In the best of times VPNs are inconvenient to use, expensive to manage, grant excessive access, leave you blind to application activity, and expose resources to attacks.

Application Access Cloud

Secure Access that’s Fast to Deploy and Scale

Axis Application Access Cloud is a scalable, enterprise-grade service that delivers brokered easy-to-use zero-trust access to business apps and resources for all employees everywhere. It can be deployed in minutes without making network changes or installing client software. A centralized cloud console manages all users, apps, and policies. Unlike network layer solutions, Axis offers full visibility and granular control over user activities at the application level. Axis further protects applications from attack by isolating them from users, endpoints, networks and the Internet.

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What Axis

Does for Remote Users

Accelerate Your Business

Connect employees to resources right away through an amazingly fast and simple deployment without changing your network.

Easily Connect Users to Apps

Employees get more work done with easy-to-use secure access to critical apps and resources, even with BYOD.

Protect & See Everything

Continuous visibility over user behavior with zero trust policies to control access permissions down to the finest detail.

Enterprise Scale & Integrations

Global cloud service scales with demand and integrates with your existing security to power adaptive policies and automate management.

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Accelerate Your Business with

Fast, Simple, & Secure Access for Remote Users

Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions
Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions
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Secure Partner & 3rd Party Access
Secure Partner & 3rd Party Access
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Simplify Cloud Migration
Simplify Cloud Migration
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Make Zero Trust

SASE Simple for Remote Users

Get continuously adaptive access, detailed user analytics, session visibility, and context-enriched granular policy controls centrally managed in the cloud that eliminates network complexity and excessive access risk for remote users.

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