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Axis Security Unveils Atmos, The World’s Most Elegant Security Service Edge Platform

Atmos harmonizes secure access for the workplace.

SAN MATEO, CA, April 12, 2022 Axis Security set a new standard for securing the modern workplace today with the launch of Atmos. Short for “Atmosphere,” Atmos is the modern alternative to legacy hub and spoke network architectures, and  Security Service Edge (SSE) platforms that have datacenter-based architectures. Atmos helps IT avoid the need to connect users to the corporate network, drastically reduce exposure to ransomware threats, and spend less time on costly, and complex, firewall-based network segmentation. The cloud-native platform artfully extends secure connectivity out to the user’s location through its 350 Atmos edge locations running on the global backbone of AWS Global Accelerator, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle.

 The modern workplace is an orchestra composed of users, devices, applications, and clouds – each playing their own tune, and constantly syncing, and changing. This orchestra is difficult to secure, challenging to see, complex, and extends far beyond the confines of the corporate network. It requires a solution designed to harmonize workplace connectivity. Atmos enables an elegant syncing of authentication, authorization, and connectivity across the workforce, ecosystem partners, and hybrid cloud infrastructure with its Security Service Edge (SSE) architecture.

Atmos sits inline empowering IT to inspect all traffic, easily brokering surgical, one-to-one, connections based on identity and policy, and perform end-user experience monitoring. Customers can then provide end users with secure access to business applications from anywhere, provide safe access to the internet and SaaS apps, and boost user productivity. 

“The biggest obstacle to innovation that businesses face is disruption. Disruption from a new work environment. Disruption from the latest security breach. Disruption due to loss of connectivity” said Dor Knafo, Co-founder and CEO of Axis Security. “Our mission is to propel innovation by making it possible for businesses to work in harmony. So, when designing Atmos we knew it had to be impossibly simple to use. We designed an elegant, easy to use policy tagging system, and a single pane of glass for managing all users, devices, private apps, Internet, SaaS, and digital experience monitoring. Atmos had to be smart so that it could remain in sync with the business as it adapts, so we pioneered new insights, and automated alerting. It also had to deliver security better than anyone else on the market. We developed inline security and visibility for external, and internal traffic, and next-gen data leakage controls to prevent the bad from entering, and protect the good from leaking out. I’m excited for what Atmos will enable for our customers.”

Atmos artfully integrates the four key SSE modules – ZTNA, SWG, CASB and Digital Experience monitoring – into one platform with one pane of glass:

  • Atmos ZTNA  is the most advanced ZTNA service in the industry. The service provides an elegant alternative to traditional network security solutions (i.e VPN) by providing global connectivity for any user, any device, and any private application
  • Atmos Web Gateway is a secure Internet gateway stack delivered as a cloud service. The globally-distributed internet access service sits between the customer’s office, branches, mobile users and the Internet, inspecting traffic and brokering the fastest connection possible.
  • Atmos CASB allows customers to quickly identify, manage, and control the use of cloud services universally. Atmos CASB ensures that sensitive business data remains protected from cyberthreats or high-risk users.
  • Atmos Experience is the world’s only digital experience monitoring solution that allows network, and Helpdesk teams, to create queries that offer key insights, and visibility, into vital data – right from within its dashboard. This includes end user device issues, spikes in CPU use, network outages from local ISPs, and application performance challenges.

“At The Parts Authority our mission is to embrace zero trust in a way that enables our employees to securely access the data they need to get work done. With the Atmos platform, not only do we get the control we need, but we’re able to deliver a user experience that our employees appreciate,” said Josh Gomez, Director of IT, The Parts Authority.

“Axis is making an aggressive move from ZTNA to a much broader, fully integrated cloud native Secure Service Edge platform. ZTNA provided better security, scale, and flexibility over VPNs to ensure employees maintained secure access to private applications during Covid. But as organizations look forward, they should be exploring how a platform approach can improve security efficiency and effectiveness. Converging secure access to private applications, SaaS apps, and the Internet is the logical place to start,” said John Grady, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

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Atmos will be generally available for new and existing customers in May 2022. The platform will be packaged into three software editions – Atmos Core, Atmos Enterprise, and Atmos Harmony. Customers will have the option to select from a variety of Atmos support packages as well.

SSE Forum

As part of its mission to secure the modern workplace, Axis launched the Security Service Edge Forum in collaboration with IT leaders from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. who represent a cross section of industries, including beverage, travel, technology, financial services, automotive, manufacturing, hospitality, state, and local government. The SSE Forum brings together CIOs, CISOs, Architects, and IT operators to share strategy, discuss challenges, uncover platform requirements, and discuss best practices related to adopting the SSE framework.

Learn more about the Security Service Edge Forum at

About Axis Security  

Axis’ vision is to bring harmony to workplace connectivity and that the sooner IT adopts zero trust, the sooner we can witness a world where the exchange of information is always fast, seamless, and secure. With 350 Axis cloud service edges across the world, Axis helps IT leaders enable their employees, partners, and customers to securely access business data without the pitfalls of network-centric solutions or application limitations that every other zero trust service faces. Through its world-class research and development and founding team which hails from Israel’s acclaimed Unit 8200, Axis aims to accelerate the world’s transition to a modern workplace where hybrid work is made simple, digital experience becomes a competitive advantage and business data remains protected from cyber threats even as it moves to the cloud. For more information, visit  Follow us on Twitter and on Linkedin


Janet Brumfield, Guyer Group for Axis Security

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