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Axis Security Delivers One Secure Access Solution for All Users and Applications

Application Access Cloud connects more types of users, devices, and applications than any other Zero Trust Network Access solution

SAN MATEO, California – Axis Security, the leader in Zero Trust Network Access, has expanded the capabilities of its Application Access Cloud to simply and securely now connect any user to any type of application or resource through one simple, centrally managed service. 

The company’s Application Access Cloud now connects users to the broadest range of applications and resources, far exceeding other offerings, in minutes. Organizations benefit from fast and easy deployments and multiple use cases to securely connect employees, contractors and third-party supply chain partners using an agentless-first approach.

The simplicity of the Application Access Cloud makes it an ideal solution to replace multiple disparate and complicated secure access technologies such as VPNs, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and inline cloud access security broker (CASB) services using a single Zero Trust cloud platform.

“Axis is delivering on our founding vision to solve the problem of complex and risky remote access,” said Dor Knafo, co-founder and CEO of Axis Security. “Less than a year from launch, we now have the only Zero Trust Access solution that ensures the highest level of protection and a dramatically reduced threat surface with application-layer visibility and control for the widest range of applications and use cases. Axis is the simplest, most secure and most complete alternative to siloed legacy application access solutions.”

Using an agent-based model for more complex deployments, Axis expanded its support to also include TCP and UDP-based applications and thick clients. This includes unique support for VoIP, video, peer-to-peer applications, and server-initiated use cases that underpin call center and customer service hubs.  Agentless access has also been expanded to include Git, databases, and Kubernetes, which are popular requirements for developers.

Axis’ approach enables enterprises to gain enhanced and consistent visibility across users, the ability to quickly and easily detect and investigate attacks that span multiple resources, and continuous security with automated and extended capabilities that integrate with popular endpoint, identity, and SIEM solutions. 

“With these new capabilities and singular approach to secure access, Axis eliminates the need to manage multiple, disparate solutions like VPNs and VDIs,” said Ed Amoroso, founder and CEO, TAG Cyber. “The continual enhancement of its platform demonstrates Axis’ focus and commitment to Zero Trust principles and reducing risk for the enterprise.” 

One customer utilizing the Axis Application Access Cloud is Cardenas Markets, a leading supermarket chain. According to Scott Rheins, Information Technology Security Architect, “Coming into this year, we were committed to moving away from our VPN solution. When COVID-19 hit, it only validated this decision. With Axis, we were able to deploy immediately at scale. Agentless remote desktop access makes it so easy to grant access to remote users and the added security has been a huge benefit because of the increase in attacks targeting RDP this year. We are deriving a lot of business value from the Axis Zero Trust approach. It is fundamentally more secure and delivers a far better user experience than a VPN.”

Axis Application Access Cloud

The Axis Security Application Access Cloud platform enforces continuous, adaptive security control at the application layer over access to sensitive corporate resources to deliver the critical ZTNA element of a SASE solution. Its application isolation technology keeps users separate from the network, and the application, greatly reducing the threat surface and eliminating the possibility of a potentially hostile user from gaining access to other network systems. Its global cloud service scales with demand and integrates with existing security to power adaptive policies and automate management. In addition, with its continuous monitoring of every user and every request, Axis provides a level of insight and analytics on user behavior and activity that is not available in traditional access solutions. 

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About Axis Security

Axis Security simply and securely connects users anywhere on any device, to any application through one simple centrally managed service. The Application Access Cloud is an ideal solution to replace multiple disparate and complicated secure access technologies such as VPNs, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and inline cloud access security broker (CASB) services using a single Zero Trust cloud platform.  With Axis, users never touch the network, or the application, and every request is validated, authenticated, and based on that individual’s policy settings. This is the future of enterprise access. Headquartered in San Mateo, California with research and development in Tel Aviv, Israel, the privately-held company is backed by Canaan Partners, Ten Eleven Ventures and Cyberstarts. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Janet Brumfield
Guyer Group for Axis Security

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