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Introducing Atmos: The SSE Platform Designed to Enable Work in Harmony

The modern workplace of today is an orchestra composed of users, devices, applications, and clouds – each playing their own tune, and constantly syncing, and changing. This orchestra is difficult to secure, challenging to see, complex, and extends far beyond the confines of the corporate network. It requires a solution designed to harmonize workplace connectivity.

When we looked at the alternatives that enterprise IT leaders had in the market it was clear the industry was poised for innovation. Leaders had two lack-luster options. The first was to continue to invest in network security appliances like next-gen firewalls, MPLS and network switches. This would knowingly lead to over exposure of the network, a poor user experience, and immense complexity and unnecessary costs – due to capacity limits and the need to scale appliances.

The second was to compromise by selecting one of the few Security Service Edge (SSE) ( vendors on the market, which would avoid the network challenge, but either is comprised of an architecture designed based on data centers and has separate UIs and clouds for ZTNA and SWG, or a vendor that was originally designed as CASB, but laters repurposed to include ZTNA and SWG. Hardly ideal for customers.

Our mission is to elevate secure access to power a modern workplace where people and technology work in harmony. So, we set out to build the perfect platform that could enable customers to create a work environment that enables the business to work securely, and productively. Today we are excited to unveil the world’s most elegant SSE platform – Atmos.

Short for “Atmosphere,” Atmos uses 350 edge locations to elegantly connect users, and servers, to the business resources needed for work. The platform artfully integrates Atmos ZTNA, Atmos web Gateway, Atmos CASB, Atmos Experience, and several other innovative Atmos capabilities, into one, cloud-native platform that feels weightless, and is controlled by a single pane of glass.

The Three Characteristics That Make Atmos The Unrivaled Innovator in SSE

Super Simple: Atmos minimizes complexity.

Direct the orchestra of any user and any external or internal business app (even VOIP, RDP and AS400) from one pane of glass. Its cloud design lightens the management burden for IT, and is equipped with an elegant policy-tagging system for simplicity. The platform delivers a seamless end user experience as well – supporting both agentless or agent-based access methods across all business devices.

Super Smart:  Atmos proves being smarter is cooler.

Auto-sync with the environment with a cybersecurity mesh of SSE, IDP, endpoint and SIEM services to auto-tune policies, and fluently adapt access rights. Even react faster to user experience issues with digital experience monitoring.

Super Secure: Atmos makes security omnipresent.

Inspect traffic to elevate visibility and prevent ransomware. Protect against data leakage with inline controls and out-of-band APIs. Detect and respond faster to protect against threats.

Atmos Delivers The Right Capabilities to Ensure Connectivity is In-sync with Business

While Atmos is a single platform, there are fourteen unique Atmos modules spanning four functional areas. Private Traffic, External Traffic, IT Operations, and Customer Success. These modules highlight the unique areas of innovation that Atmos brings to the market. You can see a glimpse of the modules below.

We created three different Atmos software editions (each composed of a variety of Atmos modules) to give customers the ability to make the perfect choice based on their needs, at a price-point we knew they’d be comfortable with. The three software editions are: Atmos Core Edition, Atmos Enterprise Edition, and Atmos Harmony Edition. Pro Tip: You can learn more by visiting the Pricing & Packaging page.

By embracing Atmos, our customers will be able to tackle some of the most critical business initiatives taking place. They’ll be able to enable their distributed enterprise made up of employees working remotely, or within hybrid work environments – from any device. Customers will be able to secure the orchestra of business ecosystem users like partners, suppliers, vendors and B2B customers – with agentless access methods, least-privilege access policies, visibility into third-party activity, and data leakage controls. They’ll even be able to modernize their infrastructure to simplify cloud migration, and accelerate M&A and divestitures down from years, to literally a matter of days. 

I’m excited for the bright future that awaits for our customers. The pioneers like Josh Gomez from The Parts Authority, will be able redefine access, to power not only their business, but to power innovation across their entire industry.

“At The Parts Authority our mission is to embrace zero trust in a way that enables our employees to securely access the data they need to get work done. With the Atmos platform, not only do we get the control we need, but we’re able to deliver a user experience that our employees appreciate.” – Josh Gomez, Director of IT, The Parts Authority.

Cheers to work in harmony. Cheers to the pioneers.

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About the Author

Christopher Hines
Christopher Hines

VP, Product Marketing

As VP of Product Marketing at Axis Security, Chris is responsible for the go to market strategy for the company’s cloud-based zero trust application access platform. He works with customers to help guide them on their path to securing a modern workplace with zero trust. Prior to Axis, he spent four years at Zscaler working as Director of Product Marketing for Zscaler’s zero trust solution, Zscaler Private Access. Chris has previously worked at Unicorn container company Docker, CASB company Bitglass, and Data Storage company EM Corporation (now Dell).

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