Secure Access for
Cloud Migrations

Migrate and protect critical applications and digital assets from on-prem to the cloud while maintaining business continuity.

Cloud Makes Business More Agile…

But Access Adds Complexity and Risk

Migrating apps to or between clouds is complicated. Reconfiguring your VPN and network to access a newly relocated application can be complicated and disruptive to users. It also means accepting ongoing management complexity and infrastructure traffic better offloaded to the public internet.

Application Access Cloud

Secure Access Ready
for Cloud Migration

Ensure business continuity and accelerate your cloud migrations with zero trust access that enables secure use of apps wherever they are. Axis Application Access Cloud is a scalable enterprise grade service that lightens the load on your existing network resources. With Axis, you reduce the risk of disrupting user access to critical resources and you avoid reconfiguring your infrastructure by using the same centrally managed access solution and policies before and after migration. Axis also improves your security by isolating your apps and sensitive resources from users, networks, and the Internet.

New Whitepaper: Enabling a SASE Approach to Application Access and Security

What Fast, Simple, Secure Access

Does for Cloud Migrations

Accelerate Your Transformation

Connect employees to resources in any cloud or network with the same level of security controls without changing the user access experience.

 Easily Connect End Users to Resources

Establish user group and application controls centrally and keep productivity constant during any cloud migration – even with BYOD.

 Protect & Monitor Every Access

Continuous visibility over user behavior with zero trust policies that control access and monitor anomalies before, during, and after your cloud migration.

Enterprise Scale & Integrations

Global SaaS service scales with demand and integrates with identity, endpoint, SIEM, and other controls to power adaptive policies and automate management.

Accelerate Your Business with

Fast, Simple & Secure Access

Enable Employees Anywhere

Secure Partner & 3rd Party Access

Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions

Make Zero Trust SASE
Simple for Cloud Migrations

Get continuously adaptive access, detailed user analytics, session visibility, and context-enriched granular policy controls centrally managed in the cloud to advance a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework during your business transformation.

CISOs Like
Axis for Cloud Migrations

Axis Security’s Application Access Cloud delivers everything an enterprise needs to carefully safeguard and deliver key business applications without the complexity.

Emily Heath, Chief Information Security Officer, Global Technology Company

With a new zero trust approach that focus on secure application access, we are able to completely shift our strategy to securing our IT infrastructure, so that business can be accelerated, not brought to a halt. This is the way of the future.

Gram Ludlow, Chief Information Security Officer, Global Vacations Company

This new zero trust solution from Axis enables organizations to truly monitor and manage third-party risk and is a true enabler to move users from a generally flat network to a better, more secure experience with nothing more than an Internet connection.

Curtis Simpson, Chief Information Security Officer

Axis Security is helping organizations meet the needs of employees, partners, and vendors who require secure access to critical business applications anywhere, anytime.

Diego Souza, Managing Director – Security Technology, Global Airline Company

Start Simplifying Your Application Access for Cloud Migrations