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Valuable End User Insights in State of Zero Trust survey

Before we ever wrote a line of code for the Application Access Cloud, we were able to meet with 50 CIO and CISO’s to discuss their challenges related to secure remote access. Hearing directly from decision makers, with big portfolios, and diverse set of responsibilities was immensely helpful to us.

The new State of Zero Trust survey from ESG gives you instant access to more than 400 IT professionals involved in zero trust initiatives across North America. As a company leader, and a vendor of zero trust solutions, I found the report full of valuable insights.

A major takeaway for me is that successful initiatives are never just about technology. As the report laid bare, it takes a talented and well-resourced team with executive leadership and support. People, process, AND technology, that is the recipe for success.

  • 40% of respondents either paused or abandoned zero trust projects, with many citing executive leadership and technical challenges.

Our unique approach to Zero Trust Network Access addresses many of the challenges cited in the report. The insights we gained from talking directly with decision makers early on is directly responsible for why we started with an agentless first approach. With nothing to deploy on endpoints we could deliver immediate ROI.

As we found out, the challenges of deploying, operating, and scaling VPNs were well understood long before 2020. The experience this past year has been the reckoning for VPNs and those responsible for deploying and managing them.

  • 41% cited delivering remote access as a top contributor to their organization’s cybersecurity management and operational challenges.

Axis Security has developed a better way to deliver secure remote access for employees and third parties, allowing for rapid deployment, cloud scalability, and continuous security monitoring to deliver true zero trust protection.

To learn more about the State of Zero Trust, download the report.

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