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Axis Security Partners with McAfee: Joins McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Program for Zero Trust Network Access

No matter what segment of the security ecosystem your solution covers, strategic integrations are critical to go-to-market success. At Axis, we know that customers often look for an integrated fabric for securing access to all enterprise applications, so we set out to enable that via our Application Access Cloud platform.

Our interoperability and integration efforts span from the endpoint to the data center, from leading security information and event management (SIEM), identity management and of course, endpoint security vendors, among others. 

Today, we announce that Axis is partnering with McAfee to achieve certification of our Application Access Cloud with McAfee Endpoint and Cloud technologies. This integration will enable more enterprises to extend zero trust network access (ZTNA) and ensure that every user and device to be rigorously authenticated and continuously monitored, from anywhere at any time. 

With the opportunity in front of us, Axis is focused on scaling our go-to-market capabilities. We are collaborating with McAfee as a Sales Teaming Preferred (STP) Plus Partner, the rarely granted and most integrated level of go-to-market partner designation available at McAfee. As such, we will be enabling the McAfee team with all the tools and training they need to bring this joint solution to market.

With a mission to accelerate the development of interoperable security products and to simplify the integration of these products within complex customer environments, Axis was a natural fit to join the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance™.  Integrations and partnerships with industry leaders like McAfee represent important moments in the evolution of Axis as a leader in the enterprise security market. This integration with McAfee will help enterprises more readily move to a zero trust environment. 

As an industry, enterprises are moving away from VPN technology to embrace a more secure and robust environment that is also easier to navigate and scale, while delivering overwhelming upside for users with its ease of use and seamless desktop and device integration.  

Javad Hasan, Global Head, Product Strategy and Alliances for McAfee, succinctly captured the real value of strategic technology partnerships like ours, 

“With Axis’ continuous visibility, authorization and behavioral intelligence at the application level combined with our intelligence at the endpoints, we are delivering unprecedented security for our joint customers.” 

This is only the beginning of Axis’ relationship with McAfee. We can’t wait to deliver even more to our customers, helping them adopt a secure access service edge (SASE) solution to secure their business while transforming the enterprise access experience for end users.

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Deena Thomchick
Deena Thomchick

Vice President, Product Marketing

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