Secure Access for
Partners, Contractors,
& 3rd Parties

Extend application access to partners, contractors, vendors, and more.

3rd Party Access is Essential So Why is it So Difficult?

Successful enterprises prosper through collaboration with partners, contractors, and other 3rd parties who are not formal employees. These partner stakeholders need access to critical business applications and resources located on-prem or in the cloud. But allowing them onto corporate networks to access vulnerable applications via VPN or using VDI is too risky, expensive and complex. And you probably don’t manage their devices, so anything that requires an agent is right out.

Application Access Cloud 3rd Party Access that’s
Simple and Secure

Axis Application Access Cloud instantly, simply and safely extends application access to partners and third parties securely enabling them anywhere. It protects the enterprise by enforcing granular controls over user access permissions and isolating applications from users, networks, and the Internet while brokering and sanitizing user requests. Deployment is lightning fast with no network changes, agentless, and a central cloud console manages it all easily through centralized policies.

New Whitepaper: Enabling Partners with Simple, Private Application Access

Axis for Vendors, Contractors, & 3rd Parties

Accelerate Your Business

Grant partners, vendors, and contractors immediate access to applications through an amazingly simple, agentless-first implementation.

Easily Connect Users to Apps

3rd parties get secure, controlled access to your apps and resources no matter what BYOD device they’re using.

Protect Everything, See Everyone

Continuous visibility over user behavior with zero trust policies that control access permissions by app, user, device posture, and more.

Limit Risky Interaction

Control app and resource permissions, limit to view only, prevent lateral movement, and other granular controls appropriate to the user or group.

Our Solutions

Solve even your most challenging use cases easily with our Application Access Cloud, the industry’s most comprehensive zero trust network access (ZTNA) service.

Accelerate Mergers & Acquisitions

The easy, low-risk way to extend secure application access to users across separate organizations without IT exposure or consolidation.

Migrate to

Migrate and protect critical applications and digital assets from on-prem to the cloud while maintaining business continuity.

Enable Remote

The fast and simple way to deliver secure application access to employees anywhere they work.

Make Zero Trust SASE
Simple for 3rd Parties

Get continuous adaptive access, detailed user analytics, session visibility, and granular policy controls through a SaaS solution that reduces complexity and access risk for vendors, partners, and contractors.

CISOs Like Axis for 3rd Parties

Emily Heath, Chief Information Security Officer, Global Technology Company

Axis Security’s Application Access Cloud delivers everything an enterprise needs to carefully safeguard and deliver key business applications without the complexity.

Gram Ludlow, Chief Information Security Officer, Global Vacations Company

With a new zero trust approach that focus on secure application access, we are able to completely shift our strategy to securing our IT infrastructure, so that business can be accelerated, not brought to a halt. This is the way of the future.

Curtis Simpson, Chief Information Security Officer

This new zero trust solution from Axis enables organizations to truly monitor and manage third-party risk and is a true enabler to move users from a generally flat network to a better, more secure experience with nothing more than an Internet connection.

Diego Souza, Managing Director – Security Technology, Global Airline Company

Axis Security is helping organizations meet the needs of employees, partners, and vendors who require secure access to critical business applications anywhere, anytime.

Start Simplifying Your Application Access for 3rd Parties