With SSE top of mind for almost every IT leader, we thought hard about innovative capabilities that would help make adoption simple for IT, and immediately valuable to the business.

The 2022 Atmos Winter Release is the most comprehensive SSE release the industry has ever seen.

Developed with help from our customers, this release boasts awesome new SWG capabilities, as well as the industry’s only networking-as-a-service SSE capability - which makes smart routing delivered via telemetry-based access across a multi-cloud design, a reality.

Every single Atmos PoP has full SWG, ZTNA, and CASB capabilities built in. The release even includes our new local edge brokering capability for on-premises ZTNA - without hairpinning out to the Internet first.

Unified SSE in a single UI


from a single code base, and with a single policy
The real value of Axis is that we built a secure connectivity solution that is truly unified.

Universal SSL Inspection
Have confidence that nothing is lurking in your encrypted traffic by inspecting all encrypted traffic (SWG and ZTNA).

Malware scanning
Enhanced security doesn’t stop at user traffic, but file scanning as well. Atmos can now prevent malware-based attacks before they even begin - with advanced malware scanning and detection.

Activity tracking for over 6,000 SaaS apps
Atmos’ new in-line CASB capabilities provide easy control of SaaS app traffic, including what was accessed, uploaded, or downloaded - and give IT the power to easily apply policy in seconds.

Watch Full SSE, Single UI Demo

No leaky data

Unified DLP

Make compliance a cakewalk with a single DLP policy. Easily control the flow of your data with smart DLP functionality across SWG, CASB, and ZTNA traffic. With a single Atmos policy admins can:

  • Control data transfer within files based on patterns with Atmos File Content Control.
  • Control file transfer based on various metadata attributes (name, type, size) with Atmos File Metadata Control.
  • See the end-to-end data journey and when users attempt to download private data and upload it to email or document-sharing apps.
Watch Unified DLP Demo

Keep data local!

Easily comply with privacy regulations by determining where data is stored. With Atmos’ new data localization “Workspaces Setting”, Atmos ensures that customers meet compliance (GDPR, NIST, etc) regulations by default.

Watch Data Localization Demo

The experience users love,
with the ease of management that IT needs

The only SSE that supports Microsoft Managed Devices

Axis has strengthened its integration with Microsoft with a new agent version that is compatible with Microsoft Managed Devices (MMD) - Microsoft’s endpoint management service.


Full SSE for every Atmos PoP

Unlike other vendors, Atmos provides every SSE service in every PoP. This means that each Atmos PoP can inspect, enforce, and route all SWG, ZTNA, or CASB destined traffic. It also provides Digital Experience Monitoring too.

Goodbye PoP deserts - Hello incredibly fast access

Our customers trust Atmos to provide access for users located all over the world. This is why we launched our PoP Desert Initiative, dedicated to finding, and eliminating areas that are underserved. Atmos automatically scales to meet customers’ needs as they arise, and new Atmos PoPs can be spun up in new locations in under 2 hours.

We also released “Atmos Local Edge” - which is software deployed on-prem that quickly routes on-prem users and servers to private apps running on-prem - without hairpinning out to the Internet first.